Analysis of China’s information warfare tactics against Chinese Americans (Case 1)

  1. Exploiting the freedom of information in free countries for misinformation dissemination is one of the Chinese government’s main tactics in its 2019 information war.
  2. The information war waged by the Chinese government is not far from Americans; it is happening all around every American.
  3. Now, the definition of information warfare is not limited to misinformation, brainwashing, and government actions that exert influence on the perceptions of people in other countries. It also includes the probing of the will of others, the changing of public opinion, and so on. Information warfare tactics have become more cunning and covert.
  4. The Chinese government’s information warfare targets are not limited to Chinese people around the world. It also includes people of almost every language and cultural background around the world.
fig. 1
Fig. 2
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A Christian's China Observation

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